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Hoarding Cleanup Services Michigan | Hoarder Help Line

Need Hoarding Cleanup Help and don't know where or how to start here in Michigan? We can help! We offer hoarder cleaning services throughout MI. For more than 23 years we have been providing caring and compassionate hoarding cleaning services.

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A person that acquires more animals than they can properly care for is classified as an animal hoarder. The reality is, animal hoarders typically begin their accumulation with the best intentions

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These hoarders may hold careers that require a large amount of research or the obtaining of career related materials (i.e. teachers, engineers, scientists, accountants, lawyers, etc.).

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Hoarding of pure trash is called syllogomania where there are no items of value, sentiment, or functional use. In these situations, generally the overall conditions of the home are despondent.

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Larder hoarding, or more commonly known as food hoarding, is mainly contributed to the fear of losing everything. This fear drives the individual to stockpile items that may assist in a perceived “survival mode,”

Hoarding Cleanup Company Michigan Offering Hoarder Cleaning Services

Michigan Hoarding Cleanup Services

Michigan Hoarding Cleanup Services – Macomb, Oakland, Wayne County
Our mission is to provide the Best Hoarding Cleaning service along with the best customer service. We service hoarder clients across the entire state of Michigan. We accommodate hoarder cleaning jobs of […]

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Hoarding Cleanup In Oakland County Mi

Hoarding Cleanup Services Oakland MI
Since our inception in 1993, we have successfully cleaned over 1,500 homes affected with hoarding issues and restored just as many lives during the process. If you or your loved one needs help de-cluttering or a […]

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